Hackers with malicious intent are everywhere. They steal personal and corporate information, as well as exploit and blackmail for monetary gain.

Here at Vulnifo, we keep up on all of the newest security threats, as well as helping to research new ones.

Security auditing and penetration testing are a good way to help ensure that your current data and system are safe from current threats.

Networking or application configuration is not always the biggest threat. A lot of times humans are the weakest link.

Social engineering can be an easy way for a hacker to gain entry into accounts or even physical structures. Ever had one of those e-mails that claimed you needed to reset your password but it didn't look quite right?

Vulnifo is currently working on putting together a dedicated team that can handle a multitude of security services such as:

  • - Penetration testing
  • - Web application testing
  • - Security auditing
  • - Security configuration
  • - Threat research
  • - Security Training

Vulnifo can currently handle a few lightweight items on the list. Please contact us to see if we are able to help with your specific needs.